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VGA Planets Webring Site of the Month Page *Updated*
The ring site of the month page has current standing for the award, along with links to all the past winners of the award. I would like to give special thanks to Alan Warchuck, who has put for alot of time and effort to automate the award.

The VGA Planets Host Ring *Note*
The Host Webring is run by Frank Mendel, not by me. It was created in February '98 to give an easy way for players to find host sites on the web. Any questions and concerns you have with that webring should be forwarded to him.

Register Your Site
If you are a ring member and would like to add your site to the Ring Award Database, you have to enter your information here. You will also have to add some HTML to your page. To get your sample HTML, visit the Ring Voting Code Instructions page.

Register It! *Updated*
This site will register you with 16 search engines for free. It also has a "Web Site Garage", where you can find out all kinds of interesting information about your site. It checks for spelling, HTML syntax checking and much more.

Web Ring Box
An interesting and easy way to traverse the ring. Find out what is available without waiting for every site to load. You have to have a Java/Javascript enabled browser for this to work.

Ring Statistics
This is the list of statistics for our ring from the last 8 weeks. It also has ring related stats for your site on it as well. It includes hits generated and hits received for each site in the ring.

Ring List
This is the list of all the sites that are currently in the web ring. It is also in the order that is used by the ring. If you are curious what sites are around you, you can see right here!

New Users
Joining the Planets Web Ring is very easy. All you have to do is follow the above link, fill in the information requested, and follow the instructions that will be sent to you via EMail. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will receive a message to add you to the ring. As long as your page is VGA Planets oriented and you have the correct ring code on your page, I will add you to the ring.

NOTE: The code for the ring must be on the page that the ring links to.


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